Born in Brazil, based in Sarajevo. A physical & digital product designer, casual artist, amateur climber and space creator (still looking for a better name).

Designing websites and apps with simple interaction models. Creating furniture and household objects that sustain the nature of wood, metal, and clay. Gently reminding people to have fun, stay honest to themselves, go deeper, and be kind.

Currently learning about house building, curious about how to get a spacious offroad-capable vehicle that's not an SUV, and reading some Murakami.

I invest time, presence, and money in activities that heal humans, animals, objects, plants, and ecosystems. This is my vision.

Creating fun digital products @ Quartzo

Building grounded furniture and household objects @ The Furniture Studio

Collaborated with Feeld, Toptal, Joblist, Caterpillar, Bloomlife, BBSH, WilburLabs, and more

Winner @ IAD’s SEMAD Poster Design Awards ↗︎
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