Born in Brazil, based in Sarajevo. A physical & digital product designer, casual artist, amateur climber, and space creator (still looking for a better name).

Designing websites and apps with simple interaction models @ Quartzo. Creating climbing holds and clothing that sustain nature @ [coming soon]. Gently reminding people to have fun, stay honest to themselves, go deeper, and be kind.

Currently learning about house building, curious about how to get a spacious offroad-capable vehicle that's not an SUV, and reading some Murakami.

I invest time, presence, and money in activities that heal humans, animals, objects, plants, and ecosystems. This is my vision. ↗︎
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FeeldToptal / Designlab / Joblist / Caterpillar / Bloomlife / BBSH / WilburLabs

Winner @ IAD’s SEMAD Poster Design Awards

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